All Precious in His Sight

Today the eyes of America turn their gaze onto the campus of my alma mater, the University of Florida. Many brave men and women from multiple police agencies and our Florida national guard are putting their own safety at risk today and I am deeply thankful for their service. A lot about today is total ignorance and stupidity on display. Some who arrive on campus today have carried a message with them that one color of skin is superior to the other. Others arrive thinking that the way to overcome that message is through violence. Both rightfully stand condemned.

To be fair I have never read anything from this controversial speaker nor his organization for the same reason I’ve not spent time reading the tabloid papers. I don’t have time for such childish stupidity. I can only go by what is being reported, which quite frankly if it weren’t for the media coverage this senseless event at UF would have gone unnoticed by myself and most everyone else.

How would scripture inform us about today? For one Revelation 7:9 points to a future day when gathered around the throne of God will be people from every nation, tribe, and tongue. Picture this scene if you will, a massive sea of people, redeemed, whose robes have been washed clean by the blood of Jesus. These are from every nation, tribe, and tongue and that fact is noticeable to John, the writer of Revelation. He sees with his own eyes that these men and women in the untarnished white threads of heaven don’t all look the same. We recognize Scripture to clearly teach that the color of one’s skin is a precious gift from God. We were formed in our mother’s womb by a Holy God who makes no mistakes. (Psalm 139:13-14) When you speak out against someone because of the color of his skin as opposed to the content of his heart you speak out against the Creator who saw fit to create humans in His own image. There is something so special about the way God made you that even in heaven you still bear those qualities. Be proud of whatever pigment of skin the sovereign Lord covered you with for it is his gift to you, yet do not lift yourself above others whom the Lord has covered with an equally precious pigment. Never forget that the blood of Jesus was shed at Calvary to atone for all of Adam’s race, i.e. the whole world.

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