Sunday School Training 6/29 overview

SS leadership training

June 29 @ 6:30 PM


What is the purpose of SS?

What is our vision for my SS Class?

What are our expectations of the teachers on a weekly basis?

When we have a guest come to the class what do they experience and what is your expectation of the class to that guest?


How does our class handle contact with a guest? how have we actually handled guest contacts?

How does our class handle missing members? How have we actually handled missing member?


How do we identify success? attendance is one measure but so is engagement.

What can we do to increase our attendance in SS?

  • Something four times a year, something twice a year?


We can fill in a picture of the overall vision goal of the SS ministry including 1-year / 5-year goals.


3 points of contacts/week

100% Bible engagement (at least once a day reading the Word)

100% weekly in-reach

50% weekly outreach

75% monthly outreach


  1. engagement of on-campus guest

gather contact info in SS.

follow-up with on-campus guest within 72 hours of a campus visit

normal flow should be phone/email from deacon and/or staff within 24 hours, a letter within 48, SS within 72.

2. engagement with group members

someone should be recording attendance

take note of absences for follow up

maintain communication throughout the week with members regardless of attendance.


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