Healthy Christians Replicate Themselves

One of the greatest things a mature Christian can do is help grow and mentor other Christians. As stated in the book "The Invested Life" every Christian needs to ask two questions

1. Who is investing in me?

2. Whom am I investing in? 

We are called by God to make disciples. (Matthew 28:19) God doesn't call us to just baptize people then move on to the next ministry, but instead to invest in the lives of people. We are called to teach, fellowship, encourage, correct, and care for the fellow followers of Christ. This is best done through discipleship. Some people have just recently trusted Christ. We as mature believers ought to be quick to take great care to make sure these fellow Christians grow closer to God and find their God given purpose in this world. However, even the newest of Christians can also reach out to others and be and encouragement to them to trust Christ as Savior.

It's easy to think since the Bible is God's revelation why can't they just read the book and know what to do. Certainly we believe in the equiping ability of the Holy Spirit who so often works thru God's Word. God also know us, He made us afterall. He knows we were designed to function within relationships and we learn so well in relational situations. See this short video from Christian artist Propaganda on the usefulness of discipleship.

Many ministries at First Baptist Church revolve around discipleship and helping you grow in your walk with Christ. The best place to start is in a Sunday School group. These meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15 all throughout our campus. Small groups are a great way to get involved in Bible Study and here at First Baptist we have found these groups to be essential in the growth of believers. If you'd like to try one out come by our welcome table inside the front door of the multi-purpose building (the new building). There someone can help you find a great class for you to get plugged into.

Also, we love to make resources available to you which can assist your life in Christ. The internet has brought many things with it, some good and some bad, but we are developing a great resource online to help you grow.

Resources From Sunday PM Discipleship Class

Understanding the Mentor Role